Monday, 7 May 2012



When i first heard Hammock ,what instantly came to mind was reminiscent musical overtones of my favourite bands & artists...If  like always these days i had to put them into a pidgeon-hole genre then it would be "instrumental atmospheric ambient post-rock" which sound a little vague, but with the heavily delayed flanged echo guitars form a soothing hypnotic soundscapes,with a low-key and bass accompaniment,occasionally female vocal mixes & cello adds colour to the overall swoony music..they bring to mind a cross musical reference of  Cocteau Twins..meets The Verve "A Storm in Heaven".in all Hammock are  brilliant musicians  and make blissful music. Enjoy:) 

Saturday, 7 April 2012


When i first heard Engineers, i found it hard to categorize what i liked about them, what instantly came to my attention was the overtones & influences of some of my favourite bands & artists... Cocteau twins,Eno, spiritualized,pink floyd, Porcupine tree,The Verve and various other shoegazing,Ambient electronica, floaty, prog-rock influenced faves. After further musical investigations on them i aquired more material which has became a favourite of mine amongst my very diverse musical collection, even though i must say i don't over play them, but when i want something to lose my thoughts for a while, i load up the engineers and peacefully drift away.Enjoy:)

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Nouvelle Vague

I was introduced to nouvelle Vague by a good friend of mine, a few years back now..and i must be honest with my first thoughts of classic punk & indie songs been covered in a jazzy bossa nova with tentative feelings about it i bit the bullet & ventured into the musical world of Nouvelle Vague, i had however in my musical collection most of the original artists this band has covered..i can say been a middle age music fan the 1977-1985 were among my favourite for pop/rock .Remakes/tributes are in my opinion a very mixed bag.many are done by less talented groups to try and make a fast couple of quid, and to make their hipness, which ends up on a cringy induced tribute cover collection albums..those done by the better bands often fail to capture the spirit of the original artists..Nouvelle Vague, let me say have created a totally unique collection of no gimmicks,brilliantly done covers in its own unique style.
If you haven't already heard this band, then give them a try & also compare the tracks they cover with the's not cheesy at all, it's really good.Enjoy:)

Saturday, 31 March 2012

A place to Bury Strangers:

It's only this year while listening to a Andrew weatherall XOYO radio broadcast that i first heard this delightful band..A Place to Bury Strangers are a New York based three-piece who with their 2007 debut to the music scene..apparently named the city's loudest band..let me say i instantly heard some of my all-time favourites such as..Joy Division, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Sisters of Mercy..i must point out it's not all dry ice, doom & gloom..i may have said before it's hard not to be influenced by bands, and sounding like the first time masters..i've always had a soft spot for Three-piece, once they get off the ground..they make a very good impresssion. A Place to Bury Strangers have done that for me..give them a'll be impressed. Enjoy:)

Screen Vinyl Image:

It's been quite a while since i last contributed to my musical diverse taste's, so while my failing memory has remembered to add my first review of the year, i shall start with this amazing band.
Screen Vinyl image combines electronica and psychedelia creating a wonderful intense sound awash with heavy samples era synths, echoing vocal & guitar music that will constantly grow on you after a few listens..if i have to pidgeon hole them into a mode,"The Jesus and Mary Chain ", "Suicide" comes to mind, not meaning that they copy to recreate a musical era, this band have a great musical ability of putting there music across to the music listener, as i've said in my previous reviews, it's best to have a open mind where music is concerned, it's the music that counts at the end of the day, not the image..even though the fat cats of the music industry will say that doesn't sell..well good music remains..Screen vinyl Image i assume will prove this. Enjoy.:)

Friday, 16 December 2011

Mazzy Star: Common burn/Lay myself down.EP

It's been 15 years since the outstanding musicianship of Hope Sandoval & Dave Roback have done anything together..this wonderful ep was released in October 2011..but like always it's take's me a while before i remember to give you my humble opinion on it...i shall start by saying that for me , entering the cd into my machine pressing play..i was instantly swooned by the folky warm glowing feeling that mazzy star always put across and deliver to the listener..listening to this brought me to my attention on how much i have missed this amazing duo, adding to that a album is due to follow this brilliant ep...welcome back Mazzy Star. Enjoy:)


Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Dolly Rocker Movement:

Here's a band which ive only recently been introduced to by a friend with outstanding musical taste on let's get straight into The Dolly Rocker Movement...i've always had a great passion for 60's psychedelic garage bands...this band are obviously very influenced by some of my favourite bands and artists from the 60's 70's..i could hear The right honourable "Syd Barrett" coming through on my first listen, who i admire so much,The Byrds, The Beatles, The stones, The Doors, Bowie. T-Rex, ..i think you get the picture folks:)..they capture that movement so well with the amazing musicianship from this unit..I consider this band will have a massive underground loyal fan following, simply because they produce good honest brilliantly sounding Neo-psychedelic folk rock music..give them a try,they are not just a flash in the pan band..hopefully this band will be around for a while. Enjoy:)